Amygdalus (Amygdalus arabica)

Products Code : أميجدالس (Amygdalus arabica)

Family : أميجدالس (Amygdalus arabica)

Origin : Middle East


Prunus arabica is a species of wild almond found across the Middle East. It is a broomlike shrub typically 0.75 to 2 m tall, with brown bark. Its leaves have a 5-8 mm petiole and the leaf blades are 15 to 44 mm long and 3 to 10 mm wide. Its inflorescences have dark red hypanthia and sepals (green on the interior of the sepals), and white, pale pink or pink petals. The flowers are borne on a pedicel about 3 mm long, which lengthens to 6 mm when the fruit is fully developed.[3]

It prefers to grow in arid or semiarid areas at 500 to 2700 m above sea level. A full genetic and morphological analysis suggests that Prunus scoparia may be conspecific with it; certainly it is its closest relative.[3] It is occasionally cultivated for erosion control, as its brushy growth form makes a good windbreak.[