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Ghaf - National tree of UAE

The Ghaf - National tree of UAE

The plants habituated in the Middle East are generally hardy and are sun-loving in nature.

Some important plants which thrive in the Middle East are:
Date Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera)
Flame Tree (Delonix Regia)
Frangipani (Plumeria)
Tropical Hibiscus (Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis)

The National Tree of UAE

The national tree of UAE is The Ghaf, scientifically known as Prosopis cineraria. It is also commonly called Jammi, Shami or Khejri Tree. It is an evergreen tree which needs very less water and is most probably, the sturdiest tree in the United Arab Emirates and can withstand its harsh climate and temperatures.

During recent years, a large number of groves of ghaf trees were cut down due to the rapid development of cities. So it has been cited illegal to cut down a ghaf tree and permission is required by the authorities to cut it down.

About Plants of Arabia

This website is specifically designed to provide free and relevant information about the Plant varieties mostly found in the Middle East environment. This includes the Plants natively found here as well as other Ornamental plants from all over the world which has been naturalized and acclimatized here over an extended period of time.

These services are basically aimed at any one who wants to know more about a plant commonly found here. We expect to cater to the common hobbyist as well as a trained Horticulturist alike.

Also we would like to provide relevant information about other Landscaping products (Eg. Fertilizers, Manures, Fungicides) or any other material of use to concerned people.

The National Flower of UAE

The national flower of the UAE is the Tribulus Omanese. The Tribulus is found in generally warm regions and is a widespread weed which can be used as a dietary supplement. This species is perennial in nature but can be grown as annuals in colder regions.